Cradle Of Filth @ Tapper

Cradle Of Filth @ Tapper

Death DTA & Obscura @ club Tapper

Death DTA & Obscura @ Tallinn

Death DTA & Obscura live @ club Tapper – Tallinn

TMW 2016 Metal Showcase @ Von Krahl

TMW 2016 Metal Showcase @ Von Krahl

Some may disagree, but I think it was the roughest and fastest live show with maximum energy @ Tallinn Music Week 2016!

TMW 2016 Conference @ Nordic Hotel Forum


TMW 2016 Conference, Day 1


TMW 2016 presents @ Sinilind

TMW 2016 Rada7 presents @ Sinilind

Rockin’ like there’s no tomorrow @ place which was crowded like hell!  Yep .. rada7 presents @ Sinilind (01.04.2016).

TMW 2016 opening @ Kultuurikatel

Tallinn Music Week Opening Party

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