Devilstone 2017 – 362 days and counting




Can’t get enough ode to Positivus festival from mainstream media this weekend? Well, instead I’d like to praise Lithuania and the lithuanians for organizing a festival like Devilstone! And that’s for 3 reasons:

1) The most friendly and talented people are present there. This is a festival where you don’t need to ask for help if you need it (in my case setting up an awning at the camping area) .. instead you get offered one. People are positive and tolerant, simply just happy. Lithuanians know what active partying should look like. It’s easy .. moshing and singing all night long, active sports during daytime while knowing what responsible drinking means. Beer was flowing cheap, but I didn’t see a single totally drunk metalhead @ Devilstone. It seems like the locals have talent for everything .. everyone seems to have art, photography and/or musical talents. I had an astonishing unplugged concert just behind my tent @ 4 o’clock at night. It was perfect except for the occasional female bone thrilling screamo. Compared to big international festivals where theft is becoming more and more an issue, I felt 100% secure as a visitor during Devilstone.

2) A wide range of musical styles, interesting bands and astonishing performances. I paid my attention to Death Hawks (sadly I only got there for the last song), 2 men powered Mantar, chill music by The Soft Moon, Estonian band Holy Motors, doomy Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, post rock act Lost In Kiev, indie sound like Esben And The Witch, Norwegian black metal band Den Saakaldte, power-heavy metal group Alpha Tiger, another “large stadion look-a-like” post-rock show by Tides From Nebula, no words to describe Batushka, “live of the year” candidate show by A Place To Bury Strangers, brutal Napalm Death, sludge by Dopethrone, energetic The Entrepreneurs, stoned 1000Mods, “show worth the 1000km trip” by Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, thrash-punk Toxic Holocaust and of course dark lords from Behemoth.

3) Even if you think you’ve experienced it all .. then noooo, there’s always new surprises waiting for you around the corner at Devilstone. The festival is in constant progress, but still managing to keep its atmosphere homelike. Free-to-play piano to release Your creativity, outstanding catering experience starting from hand-made burgers, pancakes to stone oven pizzas .. not to mention the wide selection of beers with relatively cheap prices (2-2,5EUR), popular board games, volleyball and football tournament, adventure park, night cinema, sproatic performances, open discussion panels, MC Growl contest etc.

See U @ Delvilstone 2017 and sry for my rusty English. I’d rather shoot than write :-/


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